A Bloomspot Short Film

A short film dedicated and celebrating the various restaurants and merchants Bloomspot collaborates with.

Bloomspot approached me about producing a film highlighting their relationship with customers and merchants. The emphasis was on presenting the casual sophistication of their brand juxtaposed with a personal, human approach.

Originally scripted and boarded with a more elaborate live-action/fantasy style akin to a Psyop production, with a narrative driven story. Numerous iterations were designed on integrating an animated three-dimensional poppy into a physical real world setting.

This concept was eventually dropped in favor of a more straight-forward documentary short in the style of Hillman Curtis. The goal to authentically present and celebrate their merchants with an underlying narrative of the overarching dining experience.
Directed by Carlo A. Flores
DP Josh Cassidy
Camera, Grip and Lighting Jenkins Productions and Owen Bissell
Production Coordinator Sheraz Sadiq
Bloomspot Creative Director Amelia Nardinelli
Music by Quincy Griffin
Additional 3D Support by Ruby Rieke
Timelapse by Jenkins Productions
Special Thanks to Jeff & Tara Ramroop Hunt
25 Lusk, Jardiniere and Lafitte restaurants
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